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  • "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all
    that you need, you will abound in every good work."
    2 Corinthians 9:8

A year of life passes so quickly.  I know this little doll sure has changed and grown during her first year and her family has grown and changed for the better.  These people are precious to us.  So thankful that we get to watch them grow and love.Blog-Collage-1456172524829

I have known this family since I was in college…which alarmingly was about 12-15 years ago! I was telling Melissa how strange it is to know people in a certain time in your life….when you were one person….and then to know them again in a total different place in life …when you are a whole different person…but the same person. I know…I’m so deep…ha hahahaa…but for real its kinda weird because Mrs. Joann was kinda where I am now in life when I worked for her…and now she’s a grandmother and I get to capture memories for her sweet son (who was like 14-16 back then) and his family and a few months ago her daughter (who was about 10)! Such a neat blessing. Sorry for the rambling…let me show you proof of how precious these people are….Blog-Collage-1455559702448

Have you ever seen such sweetness?  Miss A came from Ripley for a little birthday photoshoot and showed out…in the best way.  She was full of personality!

On another note, something you guys may not know… we have a new booking system.  We have a lot of new, fantastic things going if you book.  New session guides and style guides and all kinds of goodies we can’t wait to share when you book your sessions this year!  We also now have a payment plan available.  If you’ve been wanting a digital session and it was a little out of reach, email us and start paying now…or if you’ve already had a session and didn’t get to order all the files or prints you wanted, email us about that, too.  We understand photography is an investment, and we want to make paying for your sessions a little easier.  H42A6499H42A6643H42A6477H42A6481H42A6489H42A6497H42A6508H42A6510H42A6513H42A6517H42A6529H42A6542H42A6575H42A6609-2H42A6615H42A6618H42A6656