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  • "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all
    that you need, you will abound in every good work."
    2 Corinthians 9:8

h42a7859h42a7864h42a7909h42a7955h42a7962h42a7965h42a8002h42a8012h42a8014h42a8017h42a8043h42a8045h42a8046h42a9327h42a9329h42a9332h42a9373h42a9387-2h42a9387h42a9396h42a9411h42a9484h42a9592I have entered a whole new world. A place that I may never leave. Birth Photography. I’ve shot before and after the birth for years…but this year… I’ve entered a new realm. So I’ve had 3 kids. 1 total epidural and full of drugs…it was tough….2nd was natural because the epidural didn’t work…it was fast and really tough…3rd was so slow that we had to go in after him (c-section). I thought I had been through it all. Felt all the feels. Oh no. There is something magical to witnessing a birth…painless which is good..but I get sucked in just like if the baby was mine. My job is to be a “fly on the wall” so I have to muster all my strength to stay quiet…its such an overwhelming feeling …you naturally want to cheer on the momma. So far my births have been totally different …an all natural and a totally medicated. They were both amazing. I’m going to share some highlights from both.

Y’all…for real…all the hearts.  We LOVE this family!  They have been bringing us the most dreamy eyed little boy for photos for his whole modeling life, and now they’ve added a super model daughter to bring to us.  We could not be more happy for their sweet family, and that we will get to photograph more from this fabulous gene pool. 😉  I’m also so, so excited about continuing education.  I have been so blessed over the last year to get to attend workshops (online and in person) and in February of this year I got to take an amazing online workshop for newborn photography…which y’all know is my (this is Melissa) one true love in photography land.  I have learned SOOOO much.  I’ve been so blessed to get to practice this new knowledge on a few babies so far, and have a calendar full to photograph in the next month.  That just makes me jump for joy!   It has also been such a blessing getting our new studio management software in place that allows us to be more efficient in communication and, how awesome is this, we get to send you custom questionnaires for your newborn sessions.  I’ve been getting to tailor sessions specifically to your tastes… its been so fun being challenged by the color schemes you give me and trying to creatively design setups for your little bundles.  Thank you guys so much for allowing us into your lives.  I know Sarah gets just as excited about getting to see your squishy little sitters and one year olds as I do your teeny new babies.  🙂


This sweet family means so much to mine.  We get to “church” together and they are our encouragers and such blessings to us! So I could barely sleep the night before knowing I was going to shoot the birth of their 4th baby boy.  These are my favorite sessions and so very exciting.  We arrived at 9am and because of the births before “ours” …Kendrick didn’t get to go back till about 1:30ish….I stayed in the room with Erik and the boys when they wheeled her off. The boys (all of them) were so nervous and as soon as they took her back the youngest, William Walton, bursted out in tears. Bless him…didn’t take him long to get excited though.  They called Erik back and they boys all washed their hands and got ready to see their new brother.  He came in and they were all speechless…except for the oldest brother Chaffin who said…” He looks just like Erik…mom is going to cry.” …He was so serious and I laughed so hard that I almost cried ….anyway the day went fabulously and the room and hospital was packed to the brim of people who love this family.  Sutton is gorgeous and perfectly healthy.  God is so good.  Blog-Collage-1456419180485Thanks for letting me be a part!

A year of life passes so quickly.  I know this little doll sure has changed and grown during her first year and her family has grown and changed for the better.  These people are precious to us.  So thankful that we get to watch them grow and love.Blog-Collage-1456172524829